Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thick Booty Lovers! Hope u enjoy ;) I will be updating my blog more often...I will try at least 2-3x/week =D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello again boys & girls ;) Firstly, I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines Day! Mine honestly, was really no different other than me receiving a box of chocolates hehehe...But overall, another beautiful day on earth it twas! ;) So what else is going on in the life of MissV? of yesterday I started a store, which I will release the link to you guys once I get some more clips set up on there. As of today, I only need to make 2 more booty vids to become official on the site! Perhaps if I get a chance today, I will make both of them...We'll see! Well...I think that's about it for now! I love u all, and thanks for all the love & support u guys give me on the daily! Your truly the best! XoXoXo

Friday, February 11, 2011

Helloooo, Hello love bugs! Ok, so I just finished up this blogger thing...I think it's great bcuz NOW I have 1 site that you can go to and find ALL the sites I am on without having to deal with running my own website :P Whoohoo! Anyways, so to update you guys on whats been going on lately...I've been working on my shakinit page, which is a major ass lover friendly site ;) I suggest u go check it out if u haven't already. I only need to make 4 more vids up to make it official. Other than that still been going on MFC, not as much as I should be! But I've been missin all my MFC boys lately...And hope to be back up on a normal schedule soon! I also started going back to livejasmin a little bit...just to see some of my old fans there, it's been a long while since I was on there...but I will try and go on there more also :) So hope you guys come and visit my blog often so you can check up on me & see whats new!